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This new publication has been written by Yvonne Pinchen, a qualified green badge guide and Associate Member of the Institute of Tourist Guiding. Cambridge City Tours offer two tours focused on Gothic Revival architecture and the Arts and Crafts interiors that can be found in the University Colleges and Churches in the City of Cambridge.

The first edition of this guide was published in July 2023, to provide visitors with a more detailed explanation of the work that can be found, who it was created by and where to find it.

Cambridge and its famous University are steeped in history, but they have evolved and grown over time, incorporating fashionable designs and responding to social and economic changes. With the help of this guide, you can find examples, from the 19 th century, of beautifully painted interiors, exceptional collections of stained glass, imposing architecture in university and public spaces and decorative wooden carvings that furnish churches and chapels.

The guide costs £9.99, plus £2.80 p&p, if posted in the UK.

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Gothic Revival architecture and the Arts and Crafts interiors book


It's a little gem and very much more than a guide book. There's a wealth of social, economic and local history as well as art and architecture in the Introduction alone. Each section is clear, concise, comprehensive and eminently readable and the whole follows a coherent structure and is authoritative as well as being very user-friendly and visually delightful. The cross- referencing and maps make it easy to navigate between the different locations in Cambridge and the links to examples elsewhere make it of general, rather than just Cambridge, interest'.

- Frances, Cambridge resident

Congratulations, this is a wonderful exposition on Cambridge Arts and Crafts and deserves to become a classic. Excellent!

- Angela, Cambridge blue badge guide

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